30 March 2014

spring time

Coat - Whistles / Shirt - Topshop / Jeans - Prey Of London / Boots - Aldo

I know I posted today for mothers day but I haven't done a outfit post in a while. This is my favourite coat ever… Unfortunately it's not actually mine, and it's my mums but her wardrobe is basically my wardrobe - within reason. 

I've had such a good mothers day with the family and then have almost a full week of inductions at my new job. I am loving it a lot so far and cannot wait to move to London. I'll try and post again soon but don't really have much energy during the week to do anything after work.

Have a good week!!! xxx


Just want to wish my beautiful mummy a smashing mothers day!

She does everything for me, and I wouldn't be where I am today without her support, connections and love of life. She is genuinely an inspiration.

Hope you all show your own mummy's how much you love them on a day like today xxxx

23 March 2014

Songs for March

I had great responses after my last music post a few months ago. Here's another one - As you can see I've just downloaded the Pharrell Williams and Disclosure albums, they're insane!!
Top songs right now -

1 - Make It To Me - Sam Smith
2 - GOLD - Don Benjamin ft. Nikki Flores
3 - Habits - Tove Lo (A remix I also have number. 36 - Stay High - Le$)

Let me know what you think! :)

22 March 2014

TEXT 'BEAT' TO 70099

Michelle Keegan

Amy Willerton

Holly Willoughby

Kelly Brook

I hope you have all been aware of the NO MAKEUP SELFIES that are taking over the social media sites. I took mine as I was about to fall asleep a few nights ago and text BEAT to 70099 which donates £3 to CANCER RESEARCH.

Millions of pounds have already been raised and I hope there will be millions more. If you haven't done it already - text the number and make a difference. Here are some of the celebs selfies that have also taken part.

Have a good weekend xxxxx

16 March 2014


Top - Topshop / Skirt - H&M / Heels - Kurt Geiger / Body Chain - Etsy

So it was Katie's 18th birthday party last night. Yes she's a baby. You can see what I decided to wear above. I'm taking a lot of my outfit ideas from Kylie Jenner at the moment. Use the site called Coolspotters and it shows you all her outfits and where you can get some of her pieces. She always looks amazing and I want her wardrobe!! 

Jess made the cake above! HOW AMAZING IS IT. I cannot wait for my one for my 21st!!! :) I have a while to wait so she better start planning.

First day at my new job tomorrow! I am so excited but also very nervous… I need to go shopping for smart clothes to wear. I have a huge list of things I said to myself I need to get when I have money so my first pay check will be spent on a new work wardrobe!

I just watched the second to last episode of CBB that I had recorded on my TV. Literally I feel so emotional when I watch it, such a good series this year as the housemates were pretty special. 
Right going to spend the rest of the day outside! The weather is unbelievable!

13 March 2014

Happy Days

Jumper - Forever 21 / Shorts & Shoes - Topshop / Tights M&S /
Necklace - ASOS

A huge congrats is in order for me finally securing a paid job! and I couldn't be happier. I have been having interviews all week and I walked out of one yesterday and I just knew I wanted this one more than any others!! So I definitely have a reason to celebrate this weekend as its Katie's Birthday Party! :)

I start on Monday and currently looking for a place to rent in London so I can start living the London life! I am going to be constantly skint! 

Hope you all like the outfit pictures. I did this shoot a couple of weeks ago, before I died my hair darker again. I wish I bought more of these fluffy cropped jumpers from Forever 21. I want it in Black and White too!!! 

Have a good day everyone, I certainly am! :) 

08 March 2014


Okay so I got a DEPOP account yesterday - For anyone that doesn't know what it is - it's a app on your phone that allows you to take a photo of something you want to sell and then you post in on your page (a bit like instagram) and then people can buy it. You connect a Paypal account up to it and it secures your payments.
Heres the link online but you will have to download it on you smartphones..


Anyway please download it from the app store and check out my site. and BUY BUY BUY

username: bethsboutique
Name: Fashion Trix

I will be adding lots more items over the next few days so it's worth it if you keep looking as I want to sell quite a few items I haven't even worn yet or I don't wear anymore. A lot are shown on my blog!

If you comment on one of my photos on DEPOP that you view my blog I will give you a discount! :)


05 March 2014

Tumblr: a little bit of everything...

Here's some Tumblr snaps I found this morning! A little bit of everything…