08 March 2014


Okay so I got a DEPOP account yesterday - For anyone that doesn't know what it is - it's a app on your phone that allows you to take a photo of something you want to sell and then you post in on your page (a bit like instagram) and then people can buy it. You connect a Paypal account up to it and it secures your payments.
Heres the link online but you will have to download it on you smartphones..


Anyway please download it from the app store and check out my site. and BUY BUY BUY

username: bethsboutique
Name: Fashion Trix

I will be adding lots more items over the next few days so it's worth it if you keep looking as I want to sell quite a few items I haven't even worn yet or I don't wear anymore. A lot are shown on my blog!

If you comment on one of my photos on DEPOP that you view my blog I will give you a discount! :)


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