26 January 2014

Le Weekend

So my weekend has been the best I've had in a long while. A friends birthday on Friday night so we went to a club called Corsica Studios in East London. All I can say was the music was SO GOOD. The DJ is called XXXY. Here is a link to one of his songs which I Love…


Here's some pictures from the night, so we have the usual - a couple of selfless with the bestie - Annie - and then the birthday cake which I hope everyone realises where its from… UP the movie! One of my favourite movies. The cupcakes had a filling of jam, chocolate or peanut butter. I was actually in heaven with the peanut butter ones :)

Then below is a photo of my breakfast this morning which I had with my sister, before she went back to UNI. Pancakes with bacon, maple syrup and strawberries. DREAM.

Now I must get back to my HUGE to do list!

Have a good sunday xxxxxxxxx

19 January 2014

A Bit Of My Room…

Just a bit of my room to show you all! Hope everyones had a good weekend. Saw Katie last night, and then a very boring day today so couldn't help but annoy my sister at every opportunity. Keeping up with the Kardashians season 9 starts soon so we are getting excited for that!!

Shouldn't have a busy week as all meetings were last week! So home on time from work and ready to chill with the fam. 

And remember… "With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts…" Eleanor Roosevelt.


18 January 2014

Red Saturday

Dungarees + Necklace - ASOS / Shirt - H&M /
Shoes + Vest - Topshop / Tights - M&S / Lipstick - Mac (SNOB)

So after having what I think is a lie in, waking up at 9 am, I have decided to watch Wolf of Wall Street the new movie that has just come out. I am very excited as all I've seen is peoples twitter status' saying how great it is. However, apparently after it makes you wish you lived that lifestyle and have too much money that you don't know what to do with it. Ah one can only wish….

Hope everyone has a great saturday, maybe I'll find something to do tonight, perhaps see a friend or go for some drinks. Feel like I need to get out the house. 

Love to all xx

17 January 2014

I Want What She's Got… Part 2

I really want a really tailored matching suit, not sure what event I would wear it too but I think Vanessa Hudgens looks amazing, especially with a messy top knot which adds to the slick look!

This is definitely not something I can wear in this season but I will be investing in a pair of these trousers this summer. High waisted trousers are the only trousers I really wear as they are so much more flattering as they elongate your legs. I will also be on the search for a lace crop top for under plain crop tops like Kylie has done here!

One outfit I always love to wear if all else fails and I loose inspiration is a 'All-Black' outfit. Team this with a neutral coloured wrap or coat in either grey or camel and it adds extreme classiness to the look! Try it out and you can't go wrong!

Olivia Palermo's style is very girly so I probably wouldn't chose to replicate it too many times. However, in summer you can get away with dressing like her on special occasions. I love this poker dot shirt, I would like to find one in a silk and instead of the dropped skater skirt, I would wear it will a black leather pencil skirt teamed with black strappy heels for a summer evening look. Can't wait to start buying summer clothes ! 

I am currently trying to find a long-line cashmere v-neck jumper to team with my leather trousers I already have from Topshop. Paired with my new Chelsea Boots as shown in my last post and I basically have recreated this outfit! 

Jumpsuits are pieces that I always struggle to find one exactly I like. I'm quite fussy with them as I have quite a long body so I buy the bigger size but then its too big elsewhere! I think in Spring time I will look in Zara as I've seen Selena wears a lot of her jumpsuits from there. Topshop also always have a full range of jumpsuits at pretty reasonable prices. If you want a cheaper ones, maybe look at MissGuided…

Kendall Jenner is beautiful. So anything she wears I believe she can pull off extremely well! I'm loving cropped jumpers at the moment and this yellow one looks amazing with a pencil skirt. I hope its 100% cashmere and I'm all over that piece!

Hope you like the outfits I picked out! Comment below or email me your favourite! 

10 January 2014

New year, New start

Jacket - All Saints / Shirt - H&M / Jeans - Topshop / Boots - Office

I did a photo shoot with my sister today so I have lots of outfits lined up for the view of all of you. 
Hope everyone had an amazing Christmas and New Year.  I TURNED 20!! 

Haven't been up to much, just lots of work and seeing my friends when I can. Currently planning a trip away with them all in Summer, so hopefully it will happen because even if I have to work I will drop out and live on holiday!

Going out tonight with one of my friends called Katie :) and then have a busy day tomorrow as all the family are coming round for a huge evening, post Christmas as we didn't get the chance at Christmas as we were away! 

Have a good weekend!