18 January 2014

Red Saturday

Dungarees + Necklace - ASOS / Shirt - H&M /
Shoes + Vest - Topshop / Tights - M&S / Lipstick - Mac (SNOB)

So after having what I think is a lie in, waking up at 9 am, I have decided to watch Wolf of Wall Street the new movie that has just come out. I am very excited as all I've seen is peoples twitter status' saying how great it is. However, apparently after it makes you wish you lived that lifestyle and have too much money that you don't know what to do with it. Ah one can only wish….

Hope everyone has a great saturday, maybe I'll find something to do tonight, perhaps see a friend or go for some drinks. Feel like I need to get out the house. 

Love to all xx

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