26 January 2014

Le Weekend

So my weekend has been the best I've had in a long while. A friends birthday on Friday night so we went to a club called Corsica Studios in East London. All I can say was the music was SO GOOD. The DJ is called XXXY. Here is a link to one of his songs which I Love…


Here's some pictures from the night, so we have the usual - a couple of selfless with the bestie - Annie - and then the birthday cake which I hope everyone realises where its from… UP the movie! One of my favourite movies. The cupcakes had a filling of jam, chocolate or peanut butter. I was actually in heaven with the peanut butter ones :)

Then below is a photo of my breakfast this morning which I had with my sister, before she went back to UNI. Pancakes with bacon, maple syrup and strawberries. DREAM.

Now I must get back to my HUGE to do list!

Have a good sunday xxxxxxxxx

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