29 September 2013

Sunday Funday

Jumper - Topshop / White Top - Sparkle & Fade / Jeans + Heels - Zara /
Bag - Chanel / Sunglasses - Rayban / Watch - Armani 

So I've literally just woken up and currently on FaceTime to my sister who's back at uni in Leeds. I am sooooo tired. Worked 23hours over the last two days which doesn't seem a lot but somehow I'm shattered. Off to town today to do a spot of shopping with one of my friends from work, Katie. Then I must come home and start preparing for my first day at my new job tomorrow. I will make sure I pick a killer outfit. 
Speak later xxxx

27 September 2013

I want what she's got...

I must buy these boyfriend fit jeans. They are coming into fashion and I swear every pair I see on people I want them even more. What's even better is these are from H&M and only £30. May have to invest!

I love Cara's fashion. I've recently taken to wearing beanies which I've never been a fan of wearing before but Winters coming so I see this as the perfect opportunity. I'm also loving slogan tee's that look like they have been worn a lot so they have faded and I love the slightly cropped look so you can see a slight mid-drift.
I was a huge Miley fan before she cut her hair and her fashion style changed. This photo is from 2012 where it was all about the multiple necklaces and top knots. She managed to work the black tight tops and high-waisted shorts or jeans better than anyone else I've seen.
Another item of Selena's I fell in love with her jumpsuit. I have found loads I want from MissGuided. They are seriously cheap therefore I can buy a couple ready for the Winter season.

Vanessa Hudgens has nailed the BoHo look and although I never really venture into this look apart from at festivals I am obsessed with this top of hers. I love how it only ties using one string across the back. I'm also loving any type of cropped bralets at the moment, even though summer is over.
Although you need killer supermodel legs to pull off these fit of jeans, I can only wish I would look at good in this outfit as she does. This colour of jumper is also coming in this season so may have to look around to find a replica of hers. I'm also wanted to invest in a structures handbag thats in this camel colour or light grey.
One of the bloggers I follow is one called Karla's Closet. Another couple of items I want to add to my closet is her bra and belt. Although holographic materials were a hit in summer I still love them so will carry them on through to winter. People like her make want to cut my hair even shorter, she pulls it off so well!!
I have a massive crush on Miss Keegan! She has the best body, she's tanned, amazing locks and facially stunning. Her style is very sexy using thigh-high slits and killer heels to keep her legs looking long. I definitely follow her style when planning outfits.

Hope you like all these outfits I found. Now I'm off to work, have a nice Friday!! xo

26 September 2013

Animal Instincts

Bralet - Miss Selfridge / Jeans - Prey Of London / Cardigan - Topshop /
Wedges - Kurt Geiger / Body Chain - Etsy

Quite a brave outfit choice but I love it. Especially the slits right up the leg! In this photo you can really see how much I have lost my tan and it's seriously depressing. Need another summer holiday soon. I know it's not going to happen as starting my new job on Monday but there's still hope. 

I've been on line shopping for some new clothes because, new job means new clothes. And I'm selling SO many on Ebay. Take a look, they are under the name gwillib. 

Speak later xo

25 September 2013


AND I got my nails done!! At bloody last! They were in an awful state so I got them done after what seemed like the longest week. I chose Cherry Red which I haven't ever had before. Hope you all approve.
Just sitting here sipping my green tea, like a true blogger. Had a sleepover with one of my recent close friends, Katie. Supposed to be going out tonight with a whole load of work friends but not many plans have been made yet. ANNOYING!

Anyway, just collecting outfit photos and will post in a bit hopefully, depends whether I go out or not.
Have a fun Wednesday everyone!!

23 September 2013

Busy Busy Busy

Top - Prey Of London / Shorts - River Island /
Bangle & Earrings - Boutique in Ibiza
MAC Red Lipstick


So I haven't posted in a week and I promise if you've had the week like I have you wouldn't have either. I've worked everyday and basically made myself ill from it.
Tomorrow I will start posting up more outfit pictures so get ready to show everyone you know!!

Just had a very chilled day at home today - long lie in, cleaned my car, gym, posted clothes to ebay buyers. If you take a look at the items I'm selling and message me saying you read this on my blog i'll send you your clothes first class instead!! Keep watching as i'm putting up loads more clothes I don't wear anymore soon!

Until tomorrow xoxo

16 September 2013

Happy Monday

Just to make you feel good...

Found this photo on Tumblr - LOVE IT!
And so the busiest week in months starts today. 
Been sitting in front of my computer all morning and my to-do list doesn't seem to be getting any smaller!! Off to see a friend later and staying at hers for dinner and a movie night before heading up to London tomorrow for work at Prey Of London. Tomorrow evening I'm staying with my best friend, Annie, in London then more interviews for more internships the next day. For the rest of the week after that I have work, work and more work.
Hope you are all having a more relaxing week. Speak soon xo

15 September 2013

Girls Night Out

Top - Primark / Jeans - Miso /
Shoes (wedge boots) - Kurt Geiger /
Clutch - Ibizan Market / Rings - H&M

Posting this early morning as about to head off to work. Yes it's a Sunday, how depressing is that!
This is what I wore on Friday night, me and one of my best friends Sophie decided to go on a girls night out and just have fun. That's exactly what we did.  It was so much fun and drank LOTS!

Currently lying in bed with my friend Katie, she's asleep whilst I'm blogging, don't think she's much of a morning person. To be honest, I'm not either but once I'm awake, I'm awake.

Hope you all had a great week!? Got a very busy week next week so will try and post as much as I can! Love you all. xo

13 September 2013


It's Friday again!
However, I'm not that happy because the next 8 days I am busy every single day working or seeing friends. I am going to be so tired. I have a huge to do list today but I've only just woken up as I was out late last night so I feel like half the day has disappeared already.
Think I'm going into town today to see my friend, Georgia, I really want to get a piercing and this is my only free day. WISH ME LUCK! xo

11 September 2013


Top - Prey Of London / Leather Trousers - Topshop /
Heels - Zara / Long Necklace - Miso


Sorry I've been terrible at posting outfits recently. I've been working and then the festival! Anyway I wore this last night as I went to dinner with some of my girlfriends. Do you like this top? It's one of the pieces I got from the label I work for. It's part of their new AW13 collection, which is amazing by the way! 


Here's Some Pictures of my night at Bestival. My friend and I both had work so we only went for 1 night and 2 days but it was amazing!!!
Saw Snoop Dogg and then some DJs and Reggee the next day. Im definitely going next year for a long long long weekend. I've never been keen on festivals until this summer as I hate the concept of slumming it and being dirty (my friends sometime call me a princess) but I've learnt not to care any more and just go with the flow. BRING ON SUMMER 2014

It's a bit annoying I didn't get any full body shots but I wore:

Black Crop Top from Topshop
Black high waisted leggings - Topshop
Purple/black/ grey bomber jacket - Prey Of London
Grey/Neon Yellow High tops - Nike
Big Grey Lace socks
Thick Gold Chains - ASOS
Gold Body Chain - Etsy
Gold Sequin Headband - NYC



06 September 2013

Tumblr Favourites

Here are some pictures I found on Tumblr that I love. 

Happy Friday everyone! Off to the Isle Of White tomorrow for Bestival! Absolutely buzzing... Outfit Planning as we speak! 


05 September 2013

Glitz and Glam

Top - BCBG / Shorts & Earrings - Topshop / Shoes - Primark 


Ahhh, I've been so busy, my life is completely manic at the moment. About to launch the AW13 collection for the fashion label I work for - Prey Of London. Honestly, the clothes this season aren't that amazing but next season they are incredible! I will be posting about them next week when the website all goes live.

As for my personal bag label - Bags Of Trix, the website is almost done and soon will be live on the web!

Tomorrow I'm waking up early as I have to go into town to find some last minute, face paint, glitter and some brightly coloured feathers. Off to Bestival on Saturday just for 2 days with a friend, and I'm dressing as a parrot for the fancy dress day on Saturday. It's the first time I've been and apparently everyone really gets into it. I'm kinda nervous.

Anyway, hope you like the outfit post,
Sleep well, night xo

02 September 2013


Top - Prey Of London / Shorts - Forever 21

Handstanding by Mont Blanc

Bikini - ASOS

Sunglasses - Finley & Co

Here's some pictures from my Roadtrip to France this summer. I went with my sister and we drove all the way from England to the French Alps where we stayed in our place for a week. Then we drove back via 3 places and visited the sites. It was so much fun, I want to go back!!

I have such a busy day today, my plan is gym, breakfast, go into town, back home, shower, then over to my friends for lunch, get ready, drive to London for my friends 20th birthday party. We're off for dinner in London then out to this club called Mahiki where we have a table! HAPPY 20th TARA!! <3 xxxxxxxxxxxxxx