16 December 2013

December Playlist

Here's my recent songs I'm listening too at the moment - Not including the christmas ones obviously! 

SO haven't posted in a while because had the most hectic weeks at work and I haven't been very well :( getting better now though. How is everyone?! Cannot believe its my birthday in almost 1 week!! and christmas in 9 days! YES IM A CHRISTMAS EVE BABY. 

I'm off to France on Sunday to go to our place in the French Alps. Skiing time baby!

My top 3 songs out of the ones I've shown you are:
1 - #no 2 - Rather Be - Clean Bandit 
2 - #no 17 - Don't know tomorrow - Malisa Grace
3 - #no 10 - Show Me - Kid Ink Ft. Chris Brown

Check them all out! :) 


07 December 2013



DRESS - Miss Selfridge (was £37 now £26)
CARDIGAN - Topshop (£45)
SOCKS - Monki (£2.50)
SHOES - Jeffrey Campbell (£143)
BAG - Maison Scotch (£95)
NECKLACE - Topshop (was £50 now £25)


This is my first time using PolyVore!
I searched the web to find a outfit that I really fancy wearing today - If it wasn't freezing outside!
What do you think of it?

I like wearing darker more monotone outfits in the winter with a splash of colour! I have a girls only day and evening planned with two of my best friends - not sure what we are doing yet, probably a chilled day today then maybe go to a bar for some drinks tonight. Excited to see them!

I will be posting a lot more OOTD now I have figured out how easy this is to use.
Have a nice Saturday and enjoy your day off - if you have one :)


01 December 2013

New Month New Look


So yesterday I got my hair done. I chose a chocolate brown with a slight reddish tinge as it needed to cover up the blondness. And then running throughout the ends of the hair a slighty lighter brown just so it didn't look one block colour. I am so happy with it and all ready for the wintertime!

A few days ago I also decided to get my ear pierced. I've been wanting one in that ear for ages as I already have my cartilage done in my left ear so I wanted my tragus done in my right ear but I was told by all the salons that it was in fact too small to pierce. DEPRESSING. So I was going to get my Helix or forward Helix pierced but I would only get it done in this really good place in Leeds. And as I'm not going to Leeds for a while I decided on a safe one. I wanted something a bit different to the normal 2nd or 3rd holes so I positioned it on the crease of where my ear goes into cartilage. 

That same evening me and my friend Katie (you can see her poking her face around in the picture above) went to the most amazing coffee shop down a little cobbled street. And I had a gingerbread latte  (with not much milk) with cinnamon powder on top and she had a hot chocolate with whipped cream. Man it was amazing!

Now my plan for this Sunday is to chill out and watch some movies!
 Winter is definitely approaching. 
Have a good one! xoxo

25 November 2013



Now I promised myself I wouldn't start thinking or celebrating Christmas until at least the 1st December. But it's quite hard not too when everywhere you walk theres christmas lights shining. So this is my little christmasy post just a little bit earlier than planned. Found all these images on Tumblr and although some aren't very christmasy they are pretty cool. 

Just got back from work and my internet isn't allowing me to send some very important emails so I'm NOT happy! Just going to shower and get in my onesie then having dinner with my parents. Early to bed for me again as work tomorrow. 

Have a nice evening xxxxx

21 November 2013

Garden Party

Dress - Prey Of London / Jacket - ASOS / Shoes - Office


These pictures were taken a few months ago when my hair was longer and the weather was warmer but wanted to show you all one of my bags. I have set up a bag label called 'Bags Of Trix.' The 'Trix coming from one of my middle names - Beatrix. Anyway I am about to launch my website in the next few weeks so keep a look out and have a look, and obviously BUY BUY BUY! The link is http://bagsoftrix.com (you can click this to go to the site) But right now the site is under construction. Hope you like them!!

How is everyone anyway, I have had some emails from people asking me questions, so I will do a Question and Answer post soon, so feel free to keep asking me things that you want to know. CLICK HERE FOR MY EMAIL fashiontrix0@gmail.com !!!

Had a pretty hard week but have my friends right behind me every step of the way, I am so lucky to have you all. And thinking of all the ones going through hard times at the moment (you know who you are) I LOVE YOU 

Have a nice weekend, Friday tomorrow!!!! 

14 November 2013

P.S. Who said white is only for summer...

White nails are just as perfect in Winter than they are in summer.
Bring on the snow….

Throwback Thursday

From blog post 'Restaurante' 

From blog post 'Say Hello To Goodbye'

From my first ever blog post 'Little Blue Dress'

From blog post 'Ushuaia'

These images are ones that didn't make the cut for the previous blog posts I created when I was first starting out in Summer. Look under the photos and you will see the what blog post to look for to view the full outfit details and what event I wore these outfits too. All of them were shot in August, pretty much the first ever blog posts I ever did. It's not even that long ago but it's still a throwback. 

However, these photos are edited more than usual. I don't actually like to edit my photos that much, just a slight colour enhancer normally as I don't like showing people a false image of myself. I always think that if someone was to see me in real life and had an image of what I looked like just from the photos I wouldn't want them being disappointed! 

Anyway, hope everyones week has been good, off to Suffolk this weekend to spend it with my best friend Cam! Glad to get away from the FREEEZING London temperatures. I don't mind the cold as long as it's a nice day. I just hate the rain! 


Have a nice weekend everyone 

09 November 2013

Outfit O'Clock

So I have been very absent over the past few weeks and I apologise as I have been so busy and trying to plan my next post took ages.
Hope everyone has been good. Starting to think about those winter wardrobes again and so I've looked through various high street shops and put together some outfits I really would like to buy and wear this christmas. Let me know which ones you like !!! xoxo 

Tuxedo Dress - Rihanna By RIVER ISLAND (£75)  / Bra - MONKI (£12) /
Heels - ZARA (£60) / Clutch - ETSY (£25)

Jeans - TOPSHOP (£40) / Shirt - H&M (£15) /
Gilet - RIVER ISLAND (£85) / Shoes - RIVER ISLAND (£50)

Skirt - ZARA (£40) / Jumper - ZARA (£60) / Socks - M&S (£4) /
Bag - ZARA (£60) / Shoes - CARVELLA (£160)

Jacket - RIVER ISLAND (£50) / Shorts - TOPSHOP (£30) / Shirt - ZARA (£30) /
Bra - MONKI (£10) / Heels - STEVE MADDEN (£85)

Jumper - ZARA (£26) / Jeans - TOPSHOP (£40) /
Sunglasses - RAYBAN (£130) / Shoes - ZARA (£20) /
Clutch - TOPSHOP (£38)

Blazer - TOPSHOP (£55) / Dress - MANGO (£45) / Boots - TOPSHOP (£78)
Tights - M&S (£3.50) / Clutch - MISS SELFRIDGE (£45)

Playsuit - MOTEL ROCKS (£48) / Boots - ZARA (£109) /
Bag - ZARA (£149)

Skirt - TOPSHOP (£45) / Jumper - TOPSHOP (£45) /
Heels - ALDO ( £45)


27 October 2013


Taken from my recent INSTAGRAM account. Go and follow me at http://instagram.com/bethgwilliam_ or find it on the left hand side of my blog along with my link to my twitter account. 

Had a very movie orientated weekend and have watched 4 movies in less than 24 hours. Chick flicks of course. Now I'm feeling pretty deflated at the impression the cringey, actors have left in my mind. Pretty hard to tell yourself that things don't happen like that in reality. :) Quite the pessimist I am! 

Busy week in London again next week. Followed by all my friends from uni coming back for the weekend to celebrate bonfire night in my neighbourhood. I CAN'T WAIT.

Have great Sunday Night everyone. Sweet Dreams xx