27 October 2013


Taken from my recent INSTAGRAM account. Go and follow me at http://instagram.com/bethgwilliam_ or find it on the left hand side of my blog along with my link to my twitter account. 

Had a very movie orientated weekend and have watched 4 movies in less than 24 hours. Chick flicks of course. Now I'm feeling pretty deflated at the impression the cringey, actors have left in my mind. Pretty hard to tell yourself that things don't happen like that in reality. :) Quite the pessimist I am! 

Busy week in London again next week. Followed by all my friends from uni coming back for the weekend to celebrate bonfire night in my neighbourhood. I CAN'T WAIT.

Have great Sunday Night everyone. Sweet Dreams xx  

22 October 2013

The Right Vibes

Dress - BCBG / Heels - Kurt Geiger / Bag - Chanel

Lying in bed, shattered, stuffed and bored. Made myself the biggest Chicken Caesar Salad with chips and banana cake followed by chocolate raisins. WOW i actually cannot move. I'm too bloated to even go to sleep even though I'm shattered.

Had the busiest 2 days in London working followed by another tomorrow. However, having girls night out tomorrow evening so pretty excited to be going out and drinking, something I haven't done in quite some time. All my friends say to me these days is I'm a workaholic and that they never see me because of it. So if you guys are reading this - IM SORRY, I WILL TRY HARDER. 

Hope you like this outfit I put together a few weeks ago, when the weather was sunnier and my hair a bit longer. Nonetheless I can't wait to wear this to the next party, perhaps with a black blazer as well, as it's freezing these days. 

Have a good rest of the week everyone! xxx 

20 October 2013

Tumblr Time

Flicked through Tumblr this morning and picked out a few pictures to post on here that I think are pretty cool. I use this photo editor to make a collage of the images, called fotor Photo editor. Check it out its so good!! Better than photoshop I think and it's free. 

About to take my mum to the airport as she's off to NYC for a week for her birthday! I AM SO JEALOUS. Will miss her obviously but wish I was going too. 

Hope everyone is getting ready for another busy week like I am. November is approaching soon, which is so scary as I'm kind of still in the summer mode, thinking I'm going to wake up and it be nice weather, this never happens obviously. 
Speak later xox 

17 October 2013

Pampering Day

I've had a very nice pampering day. 12 hour sleep, causally woke up and went to the hairdressers and got a cut and a blow dry. I went back short again. I wasn't sure whether to let it grow and just get a trim or cut it collarbone length again. I chose the short option as I think everyone has long hair, and I either like it ridiculously long or very short. And I will never have ridiculously long hair unfortunately. 

Anyway, enough about that.. I then went to the nail salon and got fresh new nails. I've wanted this mocha colour for ages and I knew it was Breast Cancer Awareness month so I thought one pink nail would go nicely with this brown. I know what it's like when Cancer destroys peoples families so I'm just sharing the love with everyone who has ever been affected by this horrible disease. 


13 October 2013

New Tunes


I said I would put up a photo of my recently added songs, so here you go. My taste changes all the time depending on my current mood. So sometimes I like chart music and other times I like folk or dance.  Working again today at a wedding then back to a full week at work next week.
Sisters home for the weekend but I haven't really got to spend any time with her as I've been working non-stop!
Hope everyones having a good rainy Sunday- I wish I could curl up on the sofa with a duvet watching movies all day instead. GUTTED.

Speak later xxx

09 October 2013

Mid - Week Feeling

Top - Urban Outfitters / Leggings - ASOS /
Heels - Jimmy Choo / Bag - BCBG


I'm stressing out so I turned to blogging. Supposed to be going out tonight and when plans get complicated it becomes annoying. Anyway just got lots of new music - Ill post a picture of my latest playlist next. 
Contemplating what to wear if I do go out tonight, thinking tights, shorts and boots. Any thoughts?

What do you think of this outfit? Cannot wait to wear it. It's one of my favourites that I've put together recently. 
Have a good night all xoxox

07 October 2013


I love Jacquard prints at the moment especially in a cropped way.

I think I may have to invest in the pieces that make this outfit so cool. This knitted coat/ jumper is perfect to throw on over any black outfit. It has short sleeves so a long sleeve black top would be shown through which I think adds to this look a lot. 

I really want a two - pieces and these culottes are very in fashion at the moment. The baggy material flatters your legs a lot and means you don't have to worry about all the problems that come with wearing a skirt. 

I love blazers. And floral ones can always come across very frumpy or old fashioned so keeping it modern using sequins.

I love this outfit! Every piece complements each other and I love the nude colour shorts. Although you would have to me rocking a tan otherwise it would look like you are naked.

Loving playsuits this season, and this one is great as it's quite tom-boy looking but paired with tights and boots its the ultimate 'cool' winter look. 

These leggings are pretty awesome. I haven't worked out whether they are flatting on the legs or not yet but once again paired with black heeled boots and a baggy black jumper turns a boring outfit into something very stylish. 

Love Love this skirt! the Aystmetric shapes keep it interesting and this shape is also very flattering. As its slim fit but not body con.

Love this playsuit! The blogger WeWoreWhat also has this piece but in a teal blue. Any colour for me would be brilliant. It's very seasonal and will look great for the Christmas parties!

I will never be bored of neon colours. Although this piece would be best in summer.. I still love it.

Another 2 piece but this time turning trackies into going out trousers is something I love to do at the moment. The shape flatters you and its something all the celebs are doing at the moment like Rihanna and Cara Delevingne. Its very Urban looking.

My next 2 piece suit is very bold but I would comfortably wear this instead of a dress to a black tie event which some killer black heels. May have to invest!

Hope you like my outfit choices. All can be purchased from ASOS. If I had an unlimited budget I would be buying every piece!! 
Anyway, I'm off to work in a bit so must get ready.