28 February 2014

The Adventure…

Jacket - Boutique in Ibiza / Top - Primark / Leggings & Shoes - Topshop

So the title to this blog post comes from the fact I'm officially starting a new chapter in my life. I have finished the internship I was doing for the past 6 months and I'm job searching for another paid role. I've been contemplating whether fashion is the industry I want to stay in, as I know it's very competitive and it's hard to find a paid role. Will keep you updated on my progress!!

I have a HUGE to-do list today and decided to get out of bed at 8am as soon as I woke up as I have so much to do. Meeting a friend who I haven't seen in a few years, going on a walk to a pub! So that should be nice. I need to do some things for my mum and then I have the DreamTeam coming over tonight to stay. I say dream team but we are five girls that met at waitressing work and have been friends ever since. Should be nice to see them all as we haven't done a group night in a while!!

To top it off….. AMY IS COMING HOME! Ahhh I miss my sister! 
I have quite a busy weekend, seeing various people and doing lots of unemployed things. We have a family party/meal tomorrow night so I will find a smart/casual outfit to wear and I'll make Amy take photos so you can see what I end up wearing!

Hope everyone is well and happy! :) xxxxxx

25 February 2014

The Riding House Cafe

So I went out for dinner last night with work and we went to the Riding House Cafe. It is the quirkiest place and has the most unbelievable menu.
Typically me, I wasn't feeling too adventurous probably because I was just so hungry, so i ordered the cheese burger. However, this isn't just a burger it came with chips, deep fried onion rings and some salad. I was stuffed after it. The picture shown above. mmmmmmm

I have also decided I'm going to download the 'my fitness pal' from the app store to actually record how much I actually eat and what I put into my body everyday. I love snacking and I honestly can't go through the day without it but I'm going to try and cut down or substitute the crisps and chocolate for heather options. :)

Enjoy the picture of the burger and definitely check out the restaurant if you are ever in West London.


22 February 2014



Hi All,

I love a good playsuit as much as the next girl so have a look at some of the selections I chose above. As you can see I'm not much of a bright colour girl, however, this does change in the summer months!

Some I would wear casually teamed with tights and boots such as the checked one along the bottom and the peach / black tie die one from urban outfitters, and the others on a night out with heels.

Hope you like them! :) 

19 February 2014

Post weekend blues.

Kimono - Warehouse / Top - Unknown / Necklace - (its actually a ring from ASOS!)

Jumper - H&M
So I went to Leeds at the weekend to stay with my sister. I had such a blast. We ate out at lots of nice places, went to clubs and spent time with the family. I also dyed my hair very dark brown which you can see from the pictures above. My ends were starting to turn lighter again as they were bleached in summer and the brunette colour started to ware off.

Just had my first laser treatment for a little burst blood vessel which i have under my eye. They say I have to have about 3 and hopefully it will disappear completely. It's only getting worse and it has been there a year now and it irritates me. Im so picky! :) 

Hope everyone is well.


11 February 2014

all the selfies in the world

Both of our tops are from Topshop

So I was a little bit worse for wear on the Sunday after we went out on Saturday night so I was't able to post these selfies of me and my best friend, Georgie. 
In some of them we are taking the piss - I hope you know which ones they are. 




I have mentioned it on my blog previously but not loads as I didn't want to talk about it without you all being able to see what I'm talking about.

The story…
So I decided last year I wanted to gain some experience with creating my own business from scratch. As my mum is an interior designer I decided I was going to use  her resources and combine it with fashion. I decided on bags. Really easy and something everyone uses. I tried them out on friends and family to see how popular they were and when I received a really positive response I decided I should pursue this further.
The name is similar to my blog in fact, as it uses 'TRIX' This comes from one of my middle names 'Beatrix.' You have my word and everyone who already has one of the bags that they are very good quality and the fabrics used look even better in person!

Please click the link below and have a look for yourselves. Pass it on to everyone you know and if you can, BUY BUY BUY !!!!!


Homepage (1)

Homepage (2)

About Me Page

This is the Ella Bag with the Berry lining

This is the Madison Bag with the Berry lining

07 February 2014

Thank God It's The Weekend

Jumper - H&M / Trousers & Boots - TOPSHOP / Necklace - ASOS

Just a little outfit inspiration for anyone who is going out over the weekend but doesn't want to freeze! Team leather trousers with any cropped jumper and your guaranteed to look stylish and stay warm!

I'm going out tomorrow night so I will probably wear leather trousers and heeled boots with a jumper or a little top and a jacket. I will obviously post a picture of what I end up wearing for you all to see.

Adding to that, I think I'm getting ill - Not the kind of thing you want when you have a busy week next week and then off to Leeds on Thursday night to stay with my sister!!!! I'M SO EXCITED!!! 
I may do a packing post so you can see what I usually pack for a weekend away! I will also try and pack lighter than I normally do which is always a challenge.

Have a good friday xxxx

06 February 2014


Velvet Dress - Prey Of London

Leggings - ASOS / Boots - Office 
A little reminder of who we should be - taken from my fave program EVER.

Here are just some things I've taken off my Instagram. Last weekend I went to Cafe de Paris in Lesister Square for Cam's (shown in the first 2 pictures) cousins birthday! I had one of the best weekends I've had in a long time!!! 

Just a couple of pictures I've also posted on my Instagram in the last week or so. Take a look and follow me at http://instagram.com/bethgwilliam_

I have actually finished for the weekend working in London as I am working elsewhere but I am relieved as there are tube strikes which are a nightmare. It took my friend and I  three hours to get into work yesterday! WAS NOT FUN!

Katie is coming over tonight for a sleepover and currently planning the weekend with my friends! Hope you all have a good one!
Kisses xxxxxx