19 February 2014

Post weekend blues.

Kimono - Warehouse / Top - Unknown / Necklace - (its actually a ring from ASOS!)

Jumper - H&M
So I went to Leeds at the weekend to stay with my sister. I had such a blast. We ate out at lots of nice places, went to clubs and spent time with the family. I also dyed my hair very dark brown which you can see from the pictures above. My ends were starting to turn lighter again as they were bleached in summer and the brunette colour started to ware off.

Just had my first laser treatment for a little burst blood vessel which i have under my eye. They say I have to have about 3 and hopefully it will disappear completely. It's only getting worse and it has been there a year now and it irritates me. Im so picky! :) 

Hope everyone is well.


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