25 February 2014

The Riding House Cafe

So I went out for dinner last night with work and we went to the Riding House Cafe. It is the quirkiest place and has the most unbelievable menu.
Typically me, I wasn't feeling too adventurous probably because I was just so hungry, so i ordered the cheese burger. However, this isn't just a burger it came with chips, deep fried onion rings and some salad. I was stuffed after it. The picture shown above. mmmmmmm

I have also decided I'm going to download the 'my fitness pal' from the app store to actually record how much I actually eat and what I put into my body everyday. I love snacking and I honestly can't go through the day without it but I'm going to try and cut down or substitute the crisps and chocolate for heather options. :)

Enjoy the picture of the burger and definitely check out the restaurant if you are ever in West London.


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