06 February 2014


Velvet Dress - Prey Of London

Leggings - ASOS / Boots - Office 
A little reminder of who we should be - taken from my fave program EVER.

Here are just some things I've taken off my Instagram. Last weekend I went to Cafe de Paris in Lesister Square for Cam's (shown in the first 2 pictures) cousins birthday! I had one of the best weekends I've had in a long time!!! 

Just a couple of pictures I've also posted on my Instagram in the last week or so. Take a look and follow me at http://instagram.com/bethgwilliam_

I have actually finished for the weekend working in London as I am working elsewhere but I am relieved as there are tube strikes which are a nightmare. It took my friend and I  three hours to get into work yesterday! WAS NOT FUN!

Katie is coming over tonight for a sleepover and currently planning the weekend with my friends! Hope you all have a good one!
Kisses xxxxxx

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