17 October 2013

Pampering Day

I've had a very nice pampering day. 12 hour sleep, causally woke up and went to the hairdressers and got a cut and a blow dry. I went back short again. I wasn't sure whether to let it grow and just get a trim or cut it collarbone length again. I chose the short option as I think everyone has long hair, and I either like it ridiculously long or very short. And I will never have ridiculously long hair unfortunately. 

Anyway, enough about that.. I then went to the nail salon and got fresh new nails. I've wanted this mocha colour for ages and I knew it was Breast Cancer Awareness month so I thought one pink nail would go nicely with this brown. I know what it's like when Cancer destroys peoples families so I'm just sharing the love with everyone who has ever been affected by this horrible disease. 


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