22 October 2013

The Right Vibes

Dress - BCBG / Heels - Kurt Geiger / Bag - Chanel

Lying in bed, shattered, stuffed and bored. Made myself the biggest Chicken Caesar Salad with chips and banana cake followed by chocolate raisins. WOW i actually cannot move. I'm too bloated to even go to sleep even though I'm shattered.

Had the busiest 2 days in London working followed by another tomorrow. However, having girls night out tomorrow evening so pretty excited to be going out and drinking, something I haven't done in quite some time. All my friends say to me these days is I'm a workaholic and that they never see me because of it. So if you guys are reading this - IM SORRY, I WILL TRY HARDER. 

Hope you like this outfit I put together a few weeks ago, when the weather was sunnier and my hair a bit longer. Nonetheless I can't wait to wear this to the next party, perhaps with a black blazer as well, as it's freezing these days. 

Have a good rest of the week everyone! xxx 

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