21 November 2013

Garden Party

Dress - Prey Of London / Jacket - ASOS / Shoes - Office


These pictures were taken a few months ago when my hair was longer and the weather was warmer but wanted to show you all one of my bags. I have set up a bag label called 'Bags Of Trix.' The 'Trix coming from one of my middle names - Beatrix. Anyway I am about to launch my website in the next few weeks so keep a look out and have a look, and obviously BUY BUY BUY! The link is http://bagsoftrix.com (you can click this to go to the site) But right now the site is under construction. Hope you like them!!

How is everyone anyway, I have had some emails from people asking me questions, so I will do a Question and Answer post soon, so feel free to keep asking me things that you want to know. CLICK HERE FOR MY EMAIL fashiontrix0@gmail.com !!!

Had a pretty hard week but have my friends right behind me every step of the way, I am so lucky to have you all. And thinking of all the ones going through hard times at the moment (you know who you are) I LOVE YOU 

Have a nice weekend, Friday tomorrow!!!! 

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