01 December 2013

New Month New Look


So yesterday I got my hair done. I chose a chocolate brown with a slight reddish tinge as it needed to cover up the blondness. And then running throughout the ends of the hair a slighty lighter brown just so it didn't look one block colour. I am so happy with it and all ready for the wintertime!

A few days ago I also decided to get my ear pierced. I've been wanting one in that ear for ages as I already have my cartilage done in my left ear so I wanted my tragus done in my right ear but I was told by all the salons that it was in fact too small to pierce. DEPRESSING. So I was going to get my Helix or forward Helix pierced but I would only get it done in this really good place in Leeds. And as I'm not going to Leeds for a while I decided on a safe one. I wanted something a bit different to the normal 2nd or 3rd holes so I positioned it on the crease of where my ear goes into cartilage. 

That same evening me and my friend Katie (you can see her poking her face around in the picture above) went to the most amazing coffee shop down a little cobbled street. And I had a gingerbread latte  (with not much milk) with cinnamon powder on top and she had a hot chocolate with whipped cream. Man it was amazing!

Now my plan for this Sunday is to chill out and watch some movies!
 Winter is definitely approaching. 
Have a good one! xoxo

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