11 September 2013


Here's Some Pictures of my night at Bestival. My friend and I both had work so we only went for 1 night and 2 days but it was amazing!!!
Saw Snoop Dogg and then some DJs and Reggee the next day. Im definitely going next year for a long long long weekend. I've never been keen on festivals until this summer as I hate the concept of slumming it and being dirty (my friends sometime call me a princess) but I've learnt not to care any more and just go with the flow. BRING ON SUMMER 2014

It's a bit annoying I didn't get any full body shots but I wore:

Black Crop Top from Topshop
Black high waisted leggings - Topshop
Purple/black/ grey bomber jacket - Prey Of London
Grey/Neon Yellow High tops - Nike
Big Grey Lace socks
Thick Gold Chains - ASOS
Gold Body Chain - Etsy
Gold Sequin Headband - NYC



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