02 September 2013


Top - Prey Of London / Shorts - Forever 21

Handstanding by Mont Blanc

Bikini - ASOS

Sunglasses - Finley & Co

Here's some pictures from my Roadtrip to France this summer. I went with my sister and we drove all the way from England to the French Alps where we stayed in our place for a week. Then we drove back via 3 places and visited the sites. It was so much fun, I want to go back!!

I have such a busy day today, my plan is gym, breakfast, go into town, back home, shower, then over to my friends for lunch, get ready, drive to London for my friends 20th birthday party. We're off for dinner in London then out to this club called Mahiki where we have a table! HAPPY 20th TARA!! <3 xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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  1. Love this post Beth!! The pictures are to DIE for!
    Check out Erika Bowes on HandfulOfFashion and watch her youtube video about how she got started! xxx


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