27 September 2013

I want what she's got...

I must buy these boyfriend fit jeans. They are coming into fashion and I swear every pair I see on people I want them even more. What's even better is these are from H&M and only £30. May have to invest!

I love Cara's fashion. I've recently taken to wearing beanies which I've never been a fan of wearing before but Winters coming so I see this as the perfect opportunity. I'm also loving slogan tee's that look like they have been worn a lot so they have faded and I love the slightly cropped look so you can see a slight mid-drift.
I was a huge Miley fan before she cut her hair and her fashion style changed. This photo is from 2012 where it was all about the multiple necklaces and top knots. She managed to work the black tight tops and high-waisted shorts or jeans better than anyone else I've seen.
Another item of Selena's I fell in love with her jumpsuit. I have found loads I want from MissGuided. They are seriously cheap therefore I can buy a couple ready for the Winter season.

Vanessa Hudgens has nailed the BoHo look and although I never really venture into this look apart from at festivals I am obsessed with this top of hers. I love how it only ties using one string across the back. I'm also loving any type of cropped bralets at the moment, even though summer is over.
Although you need killer supermodel legs to pull off these fit of jeans, I can only wish I would look at good in this outfit as she does. This colour of jumper is also coming in this season so may have to look around to find a replica of hers. I'm also wanted to invest in a structures handbag thats in this camel colour or light grey.
One of the bloggers I follow is one called Karla's Closet. Another couple of items I want to add to my closet is her bra and belt. Although holographic materials were a hit in summer I still love them so will carry them on through to winter. People like her make want to cut my hair even shorter, she pulls it off so well!!
I have a massive crush on Miss Keegan! She has the best body, she's tanned, amazing locks and facially stunning. Her style is very sexy using thigh-high slits and killer heels to keep her legs looking long. I definitely follow her style when planning outfits.

Hope you like all these outfits I found. Now I'm off to work, have a nice Friday!! xo

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